Offering unique help to all entrepreneurs and businesses from start ups, to established companies with millions in revenue.




Whether you need help designing a logo, a product, or an entire website, I can make it happen. Packages starting at just $99.



I will help identify your needs and make a plan to help take your business to the next level. A one hour session is required for this option, and custom packages are offered after that.  



I have built relationships with people all over the world that are available to help. Do you need press for your company? Want to find a factory to create your product? I have you covered. 

Entrepreneurship, 14 years and counting.


At twelve years old I bought things and re-sold them on ebay for profit to pay for my hockey sticks. 14 years later I have started multiple companies of my own, and helped many others with their startups. Let me use the lessons I have learned to grow your business.