iTough Accessories - Premium iPhone Accessories 

iTough was started in 2017, out of my college bedroom. From all my years of repairing iPhones I wanted to prevent broken iPhones and create the best accessories for the everyday iPhone user. We donate a portion of every case sale from our site to a corresponding foundation. Accessories can be customized with monogramming, corporate logos, and much more on our site. 

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Customized iPhones - Repairs and Customizations was started in 2012 to make repairs of apple devices convenient, affordable, and unique. We were trusted to work on thousands of iPhones from all over the world, from Los Angeles to Australia. What started as repairs for friends and family out of my bedroom, went viral after catching attention from professional athletes, celebrities, and businesses on instagram. We even caught the attention of Apple Inc., and we were forced to shut down. 


BYE LINE - Say BYE to Waiting in Line

What started as an idea by my teammate, was executed into being the top grossing line-skipping concept on Ann Arbor's campus. It has since been expanded to multiple cities across the midwest including Madison and Chicago. Why spend time waiting in lines when you can log in to our app, buy a ticket and spend more time inside the venue with your friends?


Renée Roux

Affordable Luxury Goods